How I learn in 2023

A collection of links and resources that I use or have used in the past to help me learn

Sometimes I get asked about places where you can go to learn about different topics. This post is my attempt to collate some of the resource that I've found helpful in my journey through software engineering. Some of these might also just be tools that I've used or I think are cool.

These links aren't the full extent of the things I've been learning. I think the best way to learn new things is to be inquisitive on the job and try to get exposure to different aspects of software not just Frontend or Backend alone. Don't be afraid to dive in head first and just experiment and ask questions!

I may continue to update this list over time.






Design/Design systems


Discovering new stuff

There are so many tools and resources out there that It can be hard to keep up, here's some of the things that I do.

Educational Entertainment

Some of this falls into discovering new stuff too.

Twitter Accounts

Twitter used to be great for developer stuff but many people have left twitter after Elon.

My follow list might give you some starting points, but not all are tech, it's not curated, but bio's should help with finding more stuff.