Getting into Coding - Resources

A long list of curated resources that I've sourced from my experiences and from my colleagues.


If you haven't checked out part 1 and 2 of this series I'd recommend it for some context. This article is a big brain dump of collated links by myself and colleagues.

Tutorials and Courses

Code Academy or Free Code Camp are pretty good starting points.

Python is just an example on Free Code Camp, they offer many languages but it might be a good starting point.

Some other cool things i've had recommended by colleagues.

Full Roadmaps

This site has opinionated and extensive Roadmaps for different developer roles, beware overwhelming information!

Useful tools

Frontend Specific resources

Being a Frontend developer I'm asked from time to time about resources for that specifically,
here is are recent article list:


Here are some bootcamps my colleagues have been on.

Project ideas

Amazing resource:

Some high level ideas:

  • Build a Command line app in Java or Python
  • Build a static website in html/css/JavaScript
  • Build a basic server in Python/PHP/JavaScript(Node.JS)/Java

Coding challenges

Some of these are pretty menacing.


YouTube and Twitch have thriving tech communities.